Newsletter Winter 2017


Hello 2017


2016 was another great year for Joe's House! Thanks to our donors and other vendors we weathered our large expenses of 2016 (such as our new website) easily. We added new cities and hospitals to our site (see What's New) and continued our mission to help those traveling for treatment find lodging. We truly could not do it without you!

What's in store for 2017? Joe's House has 1,925 places to stay listed on our site in over 150 cities and in 48 states, but we are always looking for more options for patients. We'll reach out to alternative vendors and more hospitality companies in 2017. Expect to see a larger presence on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

 Stories of Hope

There are so many emails and stories we could share from patients and family members but we want to keep this short, so here are a few:

 Houston: Temp Stay - Habitat for Patients, Joe's House and local businesses combine their efforts and funds to help a family who has little or no financial ability to pay stay in a lovely furnished apartment. Over the last couple of months the recipient was Leigh Ann and her son who is suffering fromLangerhan Cell Histiocytosis. Coming soon will be Bryon who will be having a longer stay due to a transplant. He will be staying with his wife. Best of luck Bryon. 

And this from Luanne who has to travel to Jacksonville - 

"...and thank you for your service. The whole  cancer journey is hard enough. I'm finding that lodging has become a large part of the anxiety of getting treatment. 

Thanks for your help."


Did you Know?

There are scores of "alternative lodging" options for patients who must travel for treatment that are either free of charge or nearly free. These include American Cancer Society Hope Lodges, Hospitality Homes (home sharing programs) and more.

Additionally there are over 200 hospitality houses across the country from the Walter and Ermalee Hickel House in Anchorage, AK,

to Molly's House in Stuart, FL.

Each of these houses offer a "home away from home" to patients and families that travel for treatment. Think of them as Ronald McDonald Houses, but for adults. Most of these houses are staffed by volunteers and some offer meals sponsored by the community and ground transportation to medical facilities. They are a true life line to many facing financial hardship.

What's New

New hospitals added: California Pacific Medical Centers, 4 locations in San Francisco, CA

New lodging options include the Morty Rich Hostel in Houston. Two in Baltimore: Embassy Suites Inner Harbor and The Deltas Hotel by Marriott. Six new Club Quarters: 3 in New York, 2 in Chicago and 1 in Philadelphia!

New cities: Salina, KS and Abilene, TX